Can We Use Smart Glass Outdoor: Exploring Possibilities

Smart Glass Outdoor

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Smart glass and smart film have gained popularity for their versatility in both residential and commercial settings, offering innovative solutions for privacy control and design flexibility. However, when considering outdoor applications, it’s crucial to understand the differences in durability between these technologies. In this detailed guide, we will examine the question, “Can We Use Smart Glass Outdoor?”

Understand Smart Glass vs. Smart Film

Both smart glass and smart film incorporate a switchable PDLC liquid crystal layer, allowing the glass to transition from clear to frosted with an electrical current. You must know that the key difference lies in their composition.

Smart Glass

Smart glass comprises two pieces of laminated and tempered safety glass, with the switchable layer sandwiched between them. This design offers increased protection and durability, making it suitable for outdoor use.

Smart Film

Smart film, also known as switchable film or PDLC film, is applied to the surface of existing glass, transforming it into smart privacy glass. While ideal for indoor use, it poses challenges when exposed to the harsh conditions of the outdoors.

Can We Use Smart Glass Outdoor?

Smart film is an excellent choice for indoor applications due to its ease of installation on existing glass surfaces, providing quick solutions for privacy and light control. However, we do not recommend using this intelligent glass outdoors. Despite its scratch-resistant and durable nature, the smart film cannot withstand outdoor elements like harsh sunlight, rain, and debris. These factors can lead to damage and a shortened lifespan.

It’s important to note that when referring to outdoor applications, we specifically mean smart film installed on the exterior-facing surface of the glass.

Using Smart Glass Outdoors

Smart glass emerges as a more viable option for outdoor use thanks to its robust design. With the switchable layer protected by laminated and tempered glass, smart glass exhibits greater resistance to external elements, ensuring durability and longevity.

In outdoor spaces, smart glass offers:

  • Privacy
  • Insulation
  • Sunlight diffusion when switched to opaque, reducing glare

Furthermore, manufacturers can customize smart glass to operate with double-paned or triple-paned windows.

This customization makes it suitable for areas with larger windows that require the ability to withstand high wind loads.

10 Common Applications for Smart Glass Outdoors

Here are 10 Common Applications for Smart Glass Outdoors:

Innovative and adaptable, this switchable glass finds diverse applications in outdoor spaces, proving to be a game-changer in various scenarios:

Poolscape Paradises

Glass walls surrounding pools preserve breathtaking views. They also shelter pool areas from winds. This intelligent glass adds an extra layer of functionality. It allows individuals to toggle between transparency and seclusion for an enhanced poolside experience.

Balcony Brilliance

Many balconies and rooftops are adorned with glass railings. These ensure safety without obstructing views. Installations of this switchable glass on these railings offer residents the luxury of enjoying both safety and privacy. It creates a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality.

Dynamic Restaurant Ambiance

Outdoor restaurants are opting for switchable glass partitions. They elevate their dining spaces. With this intelligent glass, these establishments can provide a dynamic and customizable dining experience. Patrons can choose between privacy and expansive views.

Luxurious Patio Partitions

This switchable glass is increasingly utilized in creating dynamic and intimate outdoor patio spaces. Restaurants, hotels, and homes benefit from customizable privacy options. It allows patrons or residents to control the transparency of glass partitions according to their preferences.

Picturesque Park Pavilions

Public parks and pavilions use this intelligent glass to enhance the architectural appeal of their structures. The glass’s ability to adapt to changing light conditions, provide privacy, and reduce glare contributes to creating aesthetically pleasing and functional outdoor spaces.

Eco-friendly Greenhouses

This switchable glass proves invaluable in greenhouse settings. Its ability to control sunlight exposure ensures optimal conditions for plant growth. It offers energy efficiency, making it a sustainable choice for modern greenhouses.

Garden Gazebos with a View

Garden gazebos benefit from the installation of this intelligent glass. It provides an unobstructed view of the surroundings while ensuring privacy. This application combines the beauty of nature with the modernity of technology.

Artistic Outdoor Installations

This switchable glass can be incorporated into outdoor art installations. It creates interactive and dynamic visual experiences. The glass’s ability to change transparency and colour adds an artistic touch to public spaces and gardens.

Innovative Street-Side Cafes

Street-side cafes utilize installations of this intelligent glass for their outdoor seating areas. Patrons can enjoy the bustling street view or opt for privacy. It creates a comfortable and flexible environment for customers.

Cityscape Skywalks

In urban environments, installations of this switchable glass are employed in elevated walkways and skywalks. The glass provides safety and panoramic views. It contributes to a modern and futuristic cityscape.

These ten applications showcase the versatility and practicality of this switchable glass in various outdoor settings, transforming conventional spaces into dynamic and functional environments.

Can Smart Glass & Smart Film Get Wet?

A common concern is whether these technologies can withstand exposure to moisture. Both smart film and smart glass can endure moisture when correctly installed and sealed along the edges with non-acetic silicone gel. Smart glass, in particular, can be used in showers or outdoors in rainy conditions.


In conclusion, this exploration has provided clarity regarding the question, “Can We Use Smart Glass Outdoors?” Smart film excels indoors but is not the ideal choice for outdoor applications due to potential damage. However, this switchable glass, designed for both indoor and outdoor use, offers similar benefits with enhanced durability, protection, and temperature control. This intelligent glass’s versatility makes it a valuable addition to various outdoor settings, addressing concerns related to privacy, insulation, and aesthetic appeal.


Can you use the smart glass in extreme weather conditions?

Smart glass can withstand a range of weather conditions, but it’s crucial to consult with manufacturers for specific guidelines based on your location.

How is smart glass powered?

Smart glass typically operates on electrical currents. It’s essential to have a reliable power source for continuous functionality.

Can you use smart film on existing windows for outdoor applications?

Yes, You can retrofit smart film onto existing windows, providing a convenient upgrade without the need for extensive renovations.

What is the maintenance required for outdoor smart glass?

Regular cleaning with non-abrasive materials and adherence to manufacturer-recommended maintenance procedures are essential for outdoor smart glass.

Is smart glass a sustainable choice?

Many smart glass manufacturers prioritize sustainability, offering energy-efficient solutions that contribute to green building practices.



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