White Rear Projection Film

glasstronn whiterear projection film

What is White Rear Projection Film?

Are you looking for an innovative way to showcase your business? Look no further than Glasstronn’s White Rear Projection Film. Our high-quality film is designed to make your brand stand out in any setting. It is the perfect solution for various applications.

White Rear Projection Film is a specialized film that can display high-quality images and videos with a projector. It is a semi-translucent film designed to be installed on a clear glass or acrylic surface, allowing the image or video to be projected onto the film from behind while the viewer sees the image from the front.
The film is made of a special material that scatters and diffuses the light from the projector, resulting in a bright and vibrant image that can be viewed from different angles.

How Can White Rear Projection Film Help Your Business

White Rear Projection Film offers an immersive visual experience that can help to capture and hold customers’ attention.

With the ability to showcase dynamic and eye-catching content, White Rear Projection Film can help increase brand recognition and recall.

White Rear Projection Film can be cut to fit any size or shape, making it perfect for various applications and spaces

Our White Rear Projection Film is made from high-quality materials that can withstand regular use and provide long-lasting performance.

Key Features of Our White Rear Projection Film


Can White Rear Projection Film be cut to fit a specific size?

Yes, our Film can be easily cut to fit any size or shape to meet the specific requirements of your project. Our team of experts can help you with the customization process to ensure a perfect fit.

Is White Rear Projection Film Easy to Install?

Absolutely! Our Projection Film is very easy to install and can be done by our professional team or yourself. We provide easy-to-follow instructions that ensure a smooth and hassle-free installation process. Additionally, our team is always available to provide guidance and support if needed.

Can White Rear Projection Film be used outdoors?

It is primarily designed for indoor use and is not recommended for outdoor use. It is not designed to withstand extreme weather conditions like rain, snow, or high temperatures. However, if you have specific outdoor needs, please contact our team to discuss other options that may be available.

How long does White Rear Projection Film last?

Our Projection Film is designed to last several years with proper care and maintenance. The lifespan of White Rear Projection Film will depend on various factors such as usage, environment, and maintenance. We recommend following our maintenance guidelines to ensure maximum longevity.

Can White Rear Projection Film be used with any projector?

Our Film is compatible with most projectors, including LCD, DLP, and LED. We recommend discussing your specific projector requirements with our team to ensure the best results for your project.

Is it possible to get a sample of the White Rear Projection Film before purchasing it?

Yes, we offer samples for our customers to ensure they are satisfied with the product before purchasing it in bulk.

Can the White Rear Projection Film be cleaned?

Yes, it can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth or microfiber cloth. We recommend using a gentle cleaning solution if necessary.

Can White Rear Projection Film be used with a touchscreen overlay?

Yes, it can be used with a touchscreen overlay to create an interactive display.