Switchable Film

Elevate Your Space with Glasstronn's Innovative Switchable Film

Are you on the lookout for a unique and modern way to transform your space? Look no further – Glasstronn's Switchable Film is here to revolutionize your environment. This cutting-edge technology allows you to change the transparency of any glass surface with a simple flip of a switch. At Glasstronn, we offer top-of-the-line Switchable Film solutions designed to meet your specific needs.

What is Switchable Film?

Switchable Film is composed of liquid crystal molecules that realign and become transparent when stimulated by an electrical charge, providing a clear view through the glass. When the electrical charge is removed, the molecules realign, rendering the Film opaque and ensuring your privacy.

Switchable Film

Comparison Between Smart Glass & Smart Film

Switchable Glass Property Switchable Film
Little Expensive
Less Expensive
Water Proof
Not Water proof, Difficult to Clean, as surface is exposed .
High Clarity
Good Clarity
100% Customizable due to wide range of color option and product range
Limited color option and product range
High Durability
Can be easily damaged during wiring and cutting
Long lifespan, can reach up to 10 - 15 years
Average Lifespan
Suitable for Indoor ,outdoor and commercials settings as privacy screens and projection screens
Project Type
Suitable for only indoor settings as privacy film panels, windows, mirrors and double sided projection screens
11mm ~ 24 mm
0.4 ~ 0.5 mm
Ready to Glaze Product
Application Type
Applied or Retrofitted on Existing Glass

Recommended Uses for Switchable Film

switchable film

Key Features of Our Switchable Film

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Switchable Film is the perfect solution for those looking to add a modern touch to their space while also improving privacy. At Glasstronn, we offer top-of-the-line Switchable Film solutions that are customizable, durable, and user-friendly. Contact us today to learn more about how we can transform your space with Switchable Film.



Can Switchable Film be applied to curved glass surfaces?

Yes, It can be applied to curved glass surfaces. The Film is flexible and can be easily molded to fit the shape of the glass surface.

Is Switchable Film energy-efficient?

Yes, It is energy-efficient as it can reduce the need for artificial lighting. When the Film is in the opaque state, it blocks out natural light and reduces heat gain, which can help save on energy costs.

Can Switchable Film be installed on existing glass surfaces?

Yes, It can be installed on existing glass surfaces, making it a cost-effective solution. The Film can be easily applied to the surface without the need for any major renovation or replacement of the glass.

How long does the Switchable Film last?

The lifespan depends on usage and care, but it typically lasts for several years. With proper care and maintenance, the Film can last for up to 10 years.

Can Switchable Film be used for outdoor applications?

No, It is not recommended for outdoor applications as it is not weather-resistant. The Film is designed for indoor use only.

Can Switchable Film be cleaned with traditional glass cleaning products?

Yes, It can be cleaned with traditional glass cleaning products. However, it is important to avoid using abrasive or ammonia-based cleaners, as they can damage the Film.

Is the installation process for Switchable Film complicated?

No, the installation process is not complicated. Our team of experts handles the installation process, making it a hassle-free experience for you. The installation process typically takes a few hours, depending on the size of the project.

Is Switchable Film compatible with smart home systems?

Yes, It is compatible with most smart home systems, including Alexa and Google Assistant. This means that you can easily integrate the switchable Film into your existing smart home setup, allowing you to control it using voice commands or a mobile app. This makes it even more convenient to use and adds an extra layer of functionality to your home automation system.

Can Switchable Film be used as a projection screen?

Yes, It can be used as a high-quality projection screen when in the opaque state. This feature makes it ideal for use in meeting rooms, classrooms, and home theaters. The switchable Film provides a clear and bright surface that is perfect for displaying presentations, movies, and other digital content.

What is the lead time for ordering Switchable Film?

The lead time for ordering Switchable Film depends on the quantity and specifications of the order. Typically, orders can be fulfilled within 4-6 weeks, but this may vary depending on the complexity of the project. Contact our team for a personalized quote and estimated lead time. We are always happy to work with you to find a solution that meets your needs.

Can Switchable Film be custom-designed?

Yes, It can be custom-designed to fit specific glass dimensions and shapes. Whether you need a unique shape, size, or pattern, our team of experts can work with you to create a custom solution that meets your needs. Contact our team to discuss your specific requirements and find out how we can help you achieve your vision.