Touch Foil

Touch Foil

Are you looking for an innovative way to enhance customer engagement and interaction with your products or services? Look no further than Glasstronn’s Touch Foil solutions. Our Touch Foil technology allows for a unique and interactive experience for your customers, with high-quality touch capabilities that are sure to impress.

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How Can Touch Foil Help Your Business?

Increase interactivity and engagement with potential customers: Touch Foil allows you to turn any glass surface into an interactive touch screen, which can attract and engage potential customers.memorable experiences: You can improve brand recognition and customer retention by providing customers with memorable and interactive experiences through Touch Foil.

What is Touch Foil?

Touch Foil is a state-of-the-art technology that transforms any non-metallic surface into a touch screen interface. This thin, transparent film is placed over the surface of a display or showcase, allowing customers to interact with the content tactile and intuitively. Touch Foil technology is highly customizable and can be tailored to various business needs.

Touch Foil Why Choose Glasstronn for Touch Foil Solutions?

High-quality and reliable touch foil technology

Glasstronn's Touch Foil technology is high quality and reliable, ensuring you get the best performance and durability.

Customizable sizes and options for a perfect fit

Glasstronn offers a wide range of sizes and customization options to ensure you get a Touch Foil that perfectly fits your glass surface.

Competitive pricing and cost-effective solutions

Glasstronn offers competitive pricing and solutions for Touch Foil, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.

Expert guidance and consultation throughout the process

Glasstronn provides expert guidance and consultation throughout the Touch Foil installation process, ensuring you get the best solution for your business needs.


How does Touch Foil work?

Glasstronn Touch Foil is a transparent film that can be applied to any glass surface. Combined with our projection film, it turns the glass into an interactive touch screen. The film detects touch and sends the signal to the computer, interpreting it as a click or swipe.

Can Touch Foil be customized to fit my glass surface?

Yes, Glasstronn Touch Foil is available in a wide range of sizes, including custom sizes. Provide us with your glass dimensions, and we can create a Touch Foil that fits perfectly.

Can Touch Foil be used with any projection technology?

Yes, Touch Foil is compatible with various projection technologies, including the rear and front projection.

Is Touch Foil durable and scratch-resistant?

Yes, Touch Foil is highly durable and resistant to scratches and impact.

Can Touch Foil be used in outdoor settings?

No, Touch Foil is not recommended for outdoor use as it may not function correctly under direct sunlight or exposure to extreme weather conditions.

Is Touch Foil easy to install?

Yes, Touch Foil is easy to install and can be applied directly to the glass surface using an adhesive. However, professional installation is recommended to ensure proper placement and functionality.

How does Touch Foil compare to traditional touch screens?

Touch Foil offers several advantages over traditional touch screens, including its ability to transform any glass surface into an interactive touch screen, low maintenance requirements, and compatibility with various projection technologies.

Is the Touch Foil compatible with all operating systems?

Yes, Touch Foil is compatible with all operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

How can I get a quote for Touch Foil?

You can get a quote for Touch Foil by contacting us through our website or email. Our team will happily provide a customized quote based on your specific requirements.

Can Touch Foil be removed without damaging the glass surface?

Yes, Touch Foil can be easily removed without damaging the glass surface.