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Smart Glass Solutions

Are you tired of traditional glass solutions that lack versatility and privacy? Look no further than the smart glass technology offered by Glasstronn! Smart glass, also known as switchable glass, privacy glass, magic glass, or Intelligent glass, can alter the amount of light transmitted through it, making it transparent, translucent, or opaque with the click of a button.

What is Smart Glass?

Smart glass is a state-of-the-art technology that uses electric current to control the level of light transmission through glass. In its un-switched state or OFF state, the liquid crystals diffuse light, rendering the glass opaque. However, by passing an electric current through the polymer-dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) film, the glass turns transparent, allowing light to pass through it. This process occurs in less than 0.01 seconds, making it an incredibly convenient and efficient solution.

Smart Glass Solutions We Provide

Smart Glass

Control privacy and light/heat with the touch of a button. Ideal for conference rooms and hospitals.

Transparent LED Glass

Display images and videos on the glass while maintaining privacy and light/heat control.

Smart Film

Affordable alternative to traditional smart glass. It is easily installed on existing glass surfaces.

Why Choose Glasstronn for Smart Glass Solutions?

Smart Glass technology can help reduce energy consumption by blocking sunlight and heat during summers and reducing heat loss during winters

Smart Glass allows you to control privacy by changing the opacity of the glass, making it an ideal solution for conference rooms, hotel rooms, and medical facilities

Smart Glass offers a modern, sleek look and can be used in various applications such as storefronts, showrooms, and museums.

Smart Glass can provide an interactive experience for your customers, allowing them to control the glass and add an element of novelty to your business.

How Can Smart Glass Help Your Business?

Recommended Uses for Smart Glass

Conference Rooms

It is an excellent solution for conference rooms, allowing privacy when needed and an open, collaborative environment when not in use.

Medical Facilities

It can be used in hospitals and medical facilities to create private patient areas or to allow natural light to enter while maintaining privacy.

Hotel Rooms

They can be used in hotel rooms for privacy between the bathroom and bedroom areas, as well as to enhance the guest experience.


They can be used in hotel rooms for privacy between the bathroom and bedroom areas, as well as to enhance the guest experience.

Key Features of Our Projection Films

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Glasstronn is committed to providing innovative glass solutions that help our customers succeed. Smart Glass is one of our flagship products that can transform your business with its energy efficiency, privacy control, improved aesthetics, and enhanced user experience. Contact us today to learn more about our Smart Glass solutions and how we can help take your business to the next level.



How does Smart Glass work?

Smart Glass technology can change its opacity or transparency by using an electrical current that alters the alignment of liquid crystal molecules within the Glass.

Is Smart Glass Durable?

Yes, Smart Glass is made of high-quality materials and is designed to last for years.

Can Smart Glass be used outdoors?

Yes, Smart Glass can be used outdoors, but it may require additional coatings or treatments to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Can Smart Glass be used for security purposes?

Yes, Smart Glass can be used for security purposes by providing a secure and transparent barrier that can be controlled to change the opacity of the Glass.

Is Smart Glass easy to clean?

Yes, Smart Glass can be cleaned just like regular Glass using a mild soap solution and a soft cloth.

How much electricity does Smart Glass consume?

Smart Glass consumes very little electricity, typically less than 5 watts per square meter when in use.

Can Smart Glass be retrofitted to existing windows?

Yes, Smart Glass can be retrofitted to existing windows, making it a cost-effective solution for upgrading your windows without having to replace them entirely.

Does Smart Glass provide UV protection?

Yes, Smart Glass can be manufactured with a UV-blocking layer to provide protection from harmful UV rays.

Can Smart Glass be tinted?

Smart Glass can be tinted to various shades to provide privacy and light control.

How does Smart Glass compare to traditional blinds or curtains?

Smart Glass offers a modern and sleek alternative to traditional blinds or curtains, providing a more sophisticated and convenient way to control privacy and light. It also requires less maintenance and can be easily integrated into smart home automation systems.