Transparent LED Glass

Transparent Led glass is mainly composed of ITO conductive glass, surface glass and LED chip embedded with glue in the middle. Laser etching circuit is used to realize the functions of style, text, pattern, lighting, video display and so on. Transparent Led glass can achieve 99.7% relative transparency and visible light transmittance ≥ 80%. The one-stop complete installation method is adopted to ensure a clear field of vision. Transparent Led glass is a new high-tech building material with energy conservation, environmental protection, safety and practicality. It not only maintains the ultra-high transmittance of glass, but also presents photoelectric display effect through control, which can provide solutions for many fields. With the development of architectural media, the application range of Transparent Led glass will be wider and wider. Transparent Led glass is widely used in outdoor glass curtain wall, indoor and outdoor decoration, lighting design, outdoor media and other fields. As a new type of media building material, it perfectly realizes the combination of video broadcasting and buildings, and realizes the media value while achieving high transmittance. It is a revolutionary trend in the development of media architecture.


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