Pro-Erase White Board Film

The Front projection film is made up of a high gain material and boasts of delivering ultra bright images than the conventional screen, now with the Front projection film you can define and cut the screen to any size and shape as per your creative idea and requirement. The Front projection film comes with a self adhesive and can be applied on glass or any plain surface.

Pro- Erase is our  Projection able, Writable & Erasable self-adhesive white board film, manufactured from a thermoplastic with special coating which allows projection with easily erasable function after writing. The matt white finish of the film reduces glare from the projector and makes teaching or presentation a breeze.

Can be cut to any shape and size.

Applicable on any smooth surfaces viz glass, metal, paint, wall, wood, ceramic etc.,

no residue after write & erase.

Product description:

Need to Write on a whiteboard and maybe use a projector too? No problem, use our erasable projection film. It has a matt PET laminated surface for easy writing and smudge-free dry-erase messaging.

Easily cleaned using generic whiteboard spray and microfiber cloth. The non-reflective surface makes it the only projectable whiteboard surface that also works with all magnets.

1 . Flexible film can be retrofitted on existing surface

2 . Front projection with reduced glare owing to its MATT surface.

3 . Works with all types of projectors, interactive, Short throw, ultra short throw etc.,

4 . Compatible with IR pointer, smart boards etc.,

5 . Has a special anti-reflection diffusion layer to provide a wide viewing angle for projection applications

Technical details:

  • Color: White
  • Gain: 0.5
  • Thickness: 0.5mm
  • Weight: 1400 gm / Sq.metre

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