Headquartered in Bangalore, India incorporated in the Year 2022, Glasstronn, thriving to be a major player in  Functional & Innovative Glass solutions like Smart glass, Transparent LED Glass, Touch Glass, Smart films, Projection films, and value added services for wide range of markets which includes Retail, Hospitality, IT, Industrial, Residential, medical, automobile, aerospace, instrumentation, Education, Museum, Real estate, POS/kiosk, Military and marine markets. Glasstronn’s broad array of technologies allows us to provide the best solution to meet customer’s needs. With our in-house design facilities in India and Asia, we control and manage the entire product system fulfillment process including design, production and supply chain management. As a result, our customers benefit from consistently high-quality products and services that support their businesses and help them succeed. We pride ourselves on creating dynamic and cost-effective solutions that can be tailored to meet all of your individual requirements.

At Glasstronn, our employees come to work every day committed to making a difference for our customers. We identify new business and technology trends, and develop solutions to help our customers quickly respond to emerging challenges and opportunities. We help them identify new evolving trends, improve their operational performance, and deliver their products and services more effectively and efficiently. There is no greater satisfaction than knowing that the technological products and system solutions that we provide have the chance to enhance the quality of business by optimizing our customer’s product with an enhanced user experience.

Every Project receives personal attention from our team ensuring complete satisfaction to our Clients. Our approach ensures flexibility, responsibility and accountability to our Clients.

All members of Glasstronn’s team take an enormous amount of pride in delivering exactly what the Client expects, within a budget and timeframe that meets or beats the Client’s needs.

This attitude and mindset of putting the Client first is a pre-qualification of all  GLASSTRONN employees and is taken very seriously by management as this character trait will bear fruit for GLASSTRONN and all of its Clients.

One of the reason why Client choose GLASSTRONN is due to our capacity to provide all necessary service in-house, eliminating the need for multiple consultants. GLASSTRONN provides a range of services and capabilities that are recognised as consistently high quality. We do this through a range of innovative models which allow us to tailor our services to the needs of each Client.


“ To be a Global leader in the realm of Glass innovations”.


“We are driven to rapidly grow our business through customer satisfaction & world class innovative technologies”.

Core Values


Headquartered in Bangalore, India Incorporated in the Year 2022.